Tom Hackl – Terra Australis

Tom Hackl - Terra Australis

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Tom Hackl – Terra Australis
CD, Blue Sunshine, 1992

While running over my cd-collection, I stumbled upon this album by Australian musician Tom Hackl, which I remember I bought from Joerg Strawe’s Cue Records.

The cd lacks any further background info on Mr Hackl though. But a look upon the cd-cover and the track titles on this 62-minute cd makes clear the music wants to give an overview of impressions of the Austrialian landscape and its ancient culture.

Well, that’s exactly what we get here: accessible, nicely executed atmospheric music with some etnic flavours or an occasional rhythmic tune such as the title track. Mr Hackl even uses some voice sampling like Jarre’s “Zoolook” on the comfortable, rhythmic outing “Corroboree”.

Most of all, fans of Steve Roach, Solitaire or Suspended Memories will love the cinematic and atmospheric musings on the cd.



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