Tonefloat:Ikon – Streams of Consciousness (Series)

Tonefloat:Ikon - Streams of Consciousness (Series)

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Tonefloat:Ikon – Streams of Consciousness (Series)
LP, Tonefloat:Ikon, 2013

Only recently, Belgium-based sound forger Dirk Serries (better known as vidnaObmana, fear falls burning) has made the return to the highly textural and most successful music he once created in 1984-2005 using the vidnaObmana moniker.

To find an suitable outlet for this music he started the Ikon-imprint at the Tonefloat-label, which will start releasing three of Serries’ releases in the mid of August 2013: “Streams of Consciousness 130806”, “Streams of Consciousness 130806” and “Streams of Consciousness 131106”. These will be black vinyl lp’s, each strictly limited to 99 numbered copies including a digital download-code, all meant to be played a low volume.

For the music, Mr Serries though didn’t use any synthesizers in the recording process. He relied on his in-depth expertise on sound creation and modulation while using just electric guitars along a handful of delays and sound effects.

Nonetheless, fans loving the old, melancholic and contemplative vidnaObmana style will be delighted with this output, as the intimate, warm and delicate ambient dwellings (featured on each of the two mesmerizing long-form tracks contained on each vinyl) create a strong feeling of recognition and coming home.

All in all, these cyclic soundscape recordings are most suitable for quiet hours. Welcome back, Dirk!



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