Transceive – Exit to Nowhere

Transceive - Exit to Nowhere

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Transceive – Exit to Nowhere
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Alles Klar Productions, 2016

As far as I know, the previous Transceive-recording happened in 2011 when Steve Nelson released the digital ep “The Circe Complex”, of which the title track would be part of the soon to be released full-length “The Long Path to Nowhere” (which title now is the captivating 15-minute opening piece).

Well, it took not one but another five years (in which the composer also build a large modular synth system and finally acquired a Moog Minimoog) before that project materialized as the 63-minute “Exit to Nowhere”, co-produced by Dave Livingston. Mr Nelson even decided using a real drummer on the first and last tracks, which was something new for him.

Transceive fans have cause for some celebration with a highly energetic, melodic/sequencer-driven, vast sounding and varied outcome ranging from cinematic/Berlin School (title track) to synth-rock/’80’s synth music (“Through the Park Lane” and “Route X” sound rather Mark Shreeve-ish ) and trance/EM mixture. Despite being a real blast and containing bits of distortion, the final track “The path splits…” extends on the album opener.

All in all, “The Long Path to Nowhere” is actually quite a lot of fun, most certainly when you like faster-paced, powerful and accessible electronics drenched in the contemporary spirit of the time.


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