Transceive – Frozen Circuitry

Transceive - Frozen Circuitry

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Transceive – Frozen Circuitry
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Alles Klar Productions, 2020

After a six-year musical hiatus Steve Nelson returns with the album “Frozen Circuitry”, described as ‘derived from the technology used to create the soundtrack to a cold atmosphere’.

The seven compositions with classic EM influences produced in a trance style unveil a high energy album from start to finish with little breathing space in between. The typical Transceive sound with upfront sequencing opens up the album with the track “Evolver” and closes with “Circuitry”, both reminiscent of Vangelis’ “Blade Runner End titles” sequencer work. The title track though echoes of Schulze’s “Crystal Lake” in a faster paced style while the other tracks have their own little secrets waiting to be discovered.

As a side note, I learned from Mr Nelson that “The Search” and “The Doll” (an electronic Victorian waltz in his opinion) were initially composed for a horror soundtrack which did not eventuate and hence the tracks have been reworked to fit into the context of this album. This though is not a release for the faint hearted or typically conservative EM audience.

As was the case on Transceive’s previous album “Exit to Nowhere”, this album’s production is reminiscent of the loudness wars from bygone loudness wars which put off a lot of audio connoisseurs. It’s relentless pace and loudness won’t appeal to everyone and may be counterproductive.

For those unfamiliar with the Transceive sound it is recommended to listen to samples before committing to purchase.




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