Transceive – Transformation 88:98

Transceive - Transformation 88:98

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Transceive – Transformation 88:98
CD, Alles Klar Productions, 2006

The music by Transceive, aka Steve Nelson, is typical English melodic power-EM, so expect lots of pumping sequencing and fierce, rattling rhythms. “Transformation 88:98” is what Steve calls a kind of best-of album, containing music he compiled after the release of “Intrigue”.

All tracks, except one, were composed between 1988 and 1998, beautifully kicked off by the strong 10-minute track “Landscape of Tomorrow”. Tracks 2-4 continue in almost the same powerful manner, before things slow down a bit with the more quiet, but also rather uninspired “Creature of Legend” and “The Rebus Tapes”.
The engines are reloaded with the mature sounding of “Delusions”, while “Eastern Promise” enters the techno zone. Quiet soundscapes with suspense shine on “The all seeing eye” before the rhythmic “Thru Rugged Terrain” brings things to a satisfying conclusion.

For those who love the early up-tempo works of Mark Shreeve and Michael Shipway, make sure to check-out the soundbites of this and his other cd “Intrigue”.


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