Troika – Faeries

Troika - Faeries

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Troika – Faeries
CD, Enso Records, 1999

“Faeries” welcomes the listener in a dreamy, pastel-coloured world of New Age mood music evoking a realm of magic and enchantment. David Arkenstone and co. have created another album of overtly soothing, romantic and relaxing musings where Gaelic, Native-American, Japanese and Indian flavours fly by.

The joyful, uplifting and sweet all gently ride the subtle percussion-infused waves curled up on eight instrumental fairy tales. I though confess the 46-minute aural bliss of music cultures and traditions (in which synths only play a minor role) might be a bit too soft to some, with a few pieces almost lullaby like. Contrary to that, energy currents and vibes culminate more intense on “The Garden under the Sea”, though still in a sedate fashion.

So if you prefer a velvet sonic canvas, “Faeries” will be up to that job, also as background music.


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