Troika – Goddess

Troika - Goddess

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Troika – Goddess
CD, Enso Records, 1996

At first glance, the visuals of Troika’s debut album already evoke a dreamy, fairy-tale like feeling, something also found in the beautiful art and design gracing the albums of e.g. Amethystium or the early albums of Gandalf.

Sonically, Troika tells its own story in instrumental music in a most lyrical style and approach, using synthesizer-generated textures, velvet wordless vocals and exotic percussion.

The driving force behind the US West-Coast trio Troika is no other then David Arkenstone (assisted by a group of musicians who wish to remain anonymous) , whose emotive, dreamy new-age ambient with rich melodic lines blends the exotic with slightly mysterious realms, staying most accessible, enchanting and soothing all the way.
Elements of Enya, Kitaro, Constance Demby and Liquid Mind smoothly fly by in the eight most relaxing, and at times even meditative tracks, in which one can also easily discern some healing undercurrents that caress mind, body and soul. The overall production and sound design of the 54-minute release is outstanding, due to 20-bit mastering.

Meanwhile, the factory-pressed version of the classic “Goddess” is long out-of-print, and replaced by an on-demand manufactured cd-r and a digital download.


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