Troika – Troika II Dream Palace

Troika - Troika II Dream Palace

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Troika – Troika II Dream Palace
CD, Enso Records, 1997

The fantasy/fairytale and dreamy instrumental music known from Troika’s fine debut album “Goddess” sees a nice continuation on David Arkenstone & companion’s second effort “Dream Palace”.

Form and structure are still kept simple, with bits of world music and slices of drama noticeable during the ride. The tranquil spheres passing by in the 48-minute journey are lush, vibrant and spiced with the proper dose of exotic percussion, and accompanied occasionally by enchanting voices. Overall, the soft pastel (20-bit mastered) sound design airs a certain enchanting grace, which I feel is best expressed on the symphonic-hinted “Bridge to Heaven”.

The calming and the ethereal have found a balance here, leaving room for a bit of contemplation as the listener descends gradually in the flow of the slow lane. There are a few weaker moments though, such as the uninspired sounding “Vision Walk”.

Keep in mind though this aural bliss making up “Dream Palace” is New Age music, despite the line ´an ambient adventure´ on the back cd-sleeve.


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