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Tuu – Terma
CD, Hearts of Space/Fathom, 1998

The eclectic tribal ambient music (inspired by the hidden teachings of Tibetan Buddhism) that’s found on “Terma” is made by TUU’s Martin Franklin and trance flute master Nick Parkin, a project which seems to be about harmonising different but strong forces.

Mr Parkin is primarily a solo performer who finds it very hard to work with other people, so the recordings for “Terma” proved to be quite a challenge. In the end though, their sessions produced some great inner-space pieces and resulted in an interesting exploration of the darker and more textural soundworlds, offering some deep ethno/atmospheric music. In composing, Franklin and Parkin also were exploring the dormant possibilities in their own music.

The sense of mystery and the exotic on “Terma” is profound, not the least by the reverberating drone fields, various percussions and flutes applied and its overall sonorous sound design. The level of deepening takes another step inward on the last three tracks, starting with the glowing title piece.

Overall, the 46 minutes of ethereal, minimal and trance-inducing aural tapestries move forward in a fascinating, very organic manner. They actually go by like an intense sonic backdrop for nocturnal musings, triggering the senses over and over again.

Check out this exceptional release if you’re into the hypnotizing, quiet ambient worlds of Steve Roach, Suspended Memories and Temps Perdu?

Website: tuumusic.bandcamp.com/

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