Tuu – The Frozen Lands

Tuu - The Frozen Lands

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Tuu – The Frozen Lands
CD-EP, Amplexus, 1999

The 20-minute cd-ep “The Frozen Lands” contains a set of three solo pieces using gongs, metal instruments and electronic processing and sampling of their sounds. The 8-minute title track kicking things off offers the central theme of the whole recording, and stems from music which was made to accompany an exhibition of ceramic sculpture by artist Nikki Coe, who sadly died before the actual exhibition.

The deep, dark and emotive environmental music with occasional eerie/spooky currents is shaped around images of soul travelling after death. At first the whole thing was linked to the ferryboat of souls to the Land Of The Dead, but in the process of shaping the music, composer Martin Franklin became aware what had been about the soul journey had changed. The means of transport had become the terrain itself – The Frozen Lands.

The non-tribal spheres and shapes with hidden power waves displayed here reveal a different face of TUU, while still connecting to an intrinsic underworld beyond. As such, “The Frozen Lands” is for patient explorers of the deepest, most ambient in the true sense.
Headphones recommended.

Website: tuumusic.bandcamp.com/

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