U. Kay Hytz – An Acute Sense of the Absurd

U. Kay Hytz - An Acute Sense of the Absurd


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U. Kay Hytz – An Acute Sense of the Absurd
CD-R, Private Release, 2006

A couple of years ago, in 2002 to be exact, this UK-band released the impressive album “Ambients”, an ambient album next to their more poppy/alternative music. Last year the band unfortunately lost their drummer Nigel Vargeson, which made things very unsure as to whether the two remaining members were able to continue the band.

Quite a surprise when I got an e-mail from the band in Mai 2006 which said they had completed a second ambient album, described as “arcane, weird, leftfield melodic-ambient tracks”.

Despite the rather strange title, there’s actually is a lot of intimacy to be found in the personal, compelling music, which can be sensed between the notes.

Overall, the nine songs have a laidback, serene sound next to a more heavenly one which gets stronger near the end. “Less” is a intimate recording with choirs and some nice female vocals additions next to sequencing and keyboards.

An Acute Sense of the Absurd” makes an interesting recording, so why not step by the band’s site to check it out?

Website: www.ukheights.com


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