Ulrich Schnauss – Far away trains passing by

Ulrich Schnauss - Far away trains passing by


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Ulrich Schnauss – Far away trains passing by
CD, Domino, 2001/2005

This is the first release of the skilled German ambient musician Ulrich Schnauss.

Listening to the stunning music on “Far Away Trains passing by” is a great experience, as it feels like a movie-experience . The album contains six tracks of warm, nicely layered textures, rhythms and bass grooves which breathe a beautiful and strong melancholic feel.

The introspective, lush compositions reflect certain loneliness and longing for that is difficult to describe in words.
A good example of this is heard on “Nobody’s Home” next to the great tracks “Molfsee”, “..Passing By” and “Knudelmaus”.
Overall, this is an album of melodic IDM creating a fantastic laidback atmosphere.

The cd was re-released in the USA with a bonus-cd containing six additional songs, which continue in the same manner.
Especially “Suddenly the trees are giving way” sounds like a mature track that –by whatever reason- didn’t make it to the original album. A few tracks on this disc contain some occasional wordless singing.

Make sure to pick your copy of this excellent release.

Website: www.ulrich-schnauss.com

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