Under the Dome – Bellerophon

Under the Dome - Bellerophon

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Under the Dome – Bellerophon
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Neu Harmony, 2002

It would take four years after their stellar debut “The Demon Haunted World” before Under the Dome’s launched their second studio-album “Bellerophon” (Electronic Tonalities). The latter, launched on UK’s Hampshire Jam II, presents 55 minutes of (further matured) new and tasty EM-goodies inspired by ’70 Berliner School cosmic music, firmly rooted in the analogue domain though executed on digital equipment and electric guitars in a sizzling, vibrant and exciting fashion.

With Grant Middleton again at the helm, a variety of typical UTD sequences pass by, interlocking seamlessly with soaring solo voices, mesmerizing spheres and melodic textural pads, most notable on the energizing “Launch”, “Keto-Enol Tautomerism” and “Solar Gravity”. The warm, cosmic flight also turns out brilliantly on “The Long Rain” and “Return”.

The atmospheric, lush and quieter side of the band’s music surfaces beautifully on pieces such as “Nightfall”, “Sun Dome” and “Drift”. I personally would have preferred these swirling and captivating electronic excursions were in more extended form, but the fact that all tracks are presented in one continuous go makes up a bit for that.

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