Uni Sphere – EndLess EndeavoR

Uni Sphere - EndLess EndeavoR


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Uni Sphere – EndLess EndeavoR
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Groove Unlimited, 2015

What to expect from two accomplished musicians in their own right who decide to collaborate in a new project? Well, combining the sonic pathways of Eric van der Heijden and René Splinter under the Uni Sphere moniker has led to an emotive, sparkling and evocative outcome on their debut “EndLess EndeavoR”, which was made available to the public on the E-Live 2015 festival. On the same occasion, the duo performed a very fine concert together, receiving a most enthusiast response from the crowd.

The almost 71-minute release, kicking off with the strong “Pivoting Pathways” contains ten tracks with a fine assortment of captivating sounds, energetic sequencer leads, moodscapes along a couple of solo voices. The sound design and percussion as we know them from Johannes Schmoelling is also present, but applied to original and new compositions that go beyond and past regular melodic-oriented tunes.

From time to time, there’s a pleasant mellowness running through the outcome along some fine piano work as featured in the great 3-part title piece. The latter is a rather complex 15-minute electronic symphony unfolding gradually and revealing many details while pairing lots of sonic ingredients along the way.

After that we ride the emotive breeze of the gentle “Liberating Loyalty”. Other strong efforts are “Obviously Orbiting” and “Contemplating Calmness” rounding out the album: both merge great synth pads and hooks to an attractive and emotive result. Applause to you guys for this wonderful, excellent sounding piece of art!

Website: www.groove.nl


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