Unique – Boat People

Unique - Boat People


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Unique – Boat People
CD, Nocturne Records, 1994

Here’s another trip down memory lane. This release is a “forgotten” recording, being part of large distribution catalogue of Cue Records NL in the EM heydays of the ’90’s, I still have fond memories of.

There’s some emotive and moody instrumental music found on the 47-minute “Boat People”, ranging from symphonic-oriented outings (think of good old Peter Mergener) to atmospheric excursions. On the disc are 11 tracks composed by German composers Andre and Frank Standke (aka Unique), featuring a strong cinematic current executed in various styles.

Lush synth pads, choir textures and sequences are paired with assorted rhythms in a rather unique but highly accessible way while each of the pieces reveals its own story gradually in surprising currents. Intimate and slightly romantic realms are featured on “Belong Together” and “Perfect World”.

From time to time, there’s a certain sense of mystery shimmering through the inspired music, as e.g. on the opening of “Behind the Rain” and “Land of Silence”, before taking off again in smooth melodic territory. Of all pieces, “Vanish to Dusk” and “Shadow Lands” (both found at the end of the album) remain highlights for me.

Contrary to the duos follow-up album, the well produced, intriguingly mixed and heartily recommended “Boat People” though might prove to be very difficult to find today. So if you run into copy of this fine release, grab it before you regret it.



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