Urenga – Mantha

Urenga - Mantha

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Urenga – Mantha
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD EP, Retrospective Zoology, 2013

“Mantha” consists of two dub-ambient tracks of 12 and 14 minutes each, complemented by two remixes of the title track by German musician Adam Kroll and Columbia’s Coppice Halifax.

Here, Hungarian composer Andras Kiss, aka Urenga, presents some vibrant but minimal-oriented electronics inspired by underwater sea life. The latter is reflected in an overall lush, transparent and “liquid” sound design that weaves a hypnotic realm, while a consistent beat and tickling/buzzing percussion are featured on both the title piece as “Sea Horse”.

Mr Kroll’s remix deranges the simplicity and gentleness of the original, while the Halifax version takes on a far better approach by extending nicely on and lifting up the tracks intrinsic hypnotism.

The digital-only “Mantha” is available through the Slovenian netlabel’s Bandcamp site.

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