Urenga – Mu (The Lost Continent)

Urenga - Mu (The Lost Continent)

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Urenga – Mu (The Lost Continent)
CD, Gterma , 2014

“Mu” (dedicated to the great unknown of the Pacific Ocean, strongly refusing to be charted and explained) is a sonic travelogue by Andras Kiss (aka Urenga).

It features a 66-minute journey of minimal but always spacious sounding ambient dub music. From the start it creates a pleasant, hypnotizing, continuously evolving moodscape with nice dreamy undercurrents and streams.
A strong sense of the exotic is shimmering through its tantalizing waves washing ashore before retreating again and again.
The last three pieces are remixes by Uanamani, Stereopathy and Martin Nonstatic.

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