Urenga – Pacific Depths

Urenga - Pacific Depths

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Urenga – Pacific Depths
CD, Gterma, 2015

This album, assembled from various recordings made between 2011 and 2013, extends on Urenga’s album “Mu”. Andras Kiss delivers another dedication to the beauty and wonders of the water element while expressing the exotic nature of the vast Pacific Ocean.

The 73-minute spacious sounding and continuous outcome (including the two lengthy tracks from Urenga’s 2011-EP “Seafloor” which I reviewed previously) gives a voice to the aquatic world where things glisten smoothly, bubble and shape shift slowly. Subtle rhythms only surface in the second half of the album without interfering with the overall lushness already spread out.

Listening to “Pacific Depths” with headphones is recommended to grab its full intrinsic beauty and calmness along the many details passing by in the slow morphing, at times rather minimalist textures making up a deep ambient current committed to this expansive blue abyss.

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