Urenga – Seafloor

Urenga - Seafloor

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Urenga – Seafloor
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Entropy Records, 2011

“Seafloor” is an ambient work of art by Hungarian composer Andras Kiss, aka Urenga. The project draws inspiration from nature and projects an aural sensation of a living, breathing world somewhere in the borderlands between dub techno and ambient.

The Ep “Seafloor” contains two lengthy tracks of 15 and 14 minutes each, in which sounds of dripping and bubbling water nicely complement the transparent and lush music. These are vibrant and fine crafted soundscapes, submerging the listener gently below the waves in an elegant and serene manner.

Especially when listening to the outcome in a relaxed state with your eyes closed and with a good pair of headphones, the slow morphing and dense textures reveal their fine panoramic, cinematic and calming quality. All in all, this is well-crafted and quite soothing ambient release to ease and please the mind.

“Seafloor” can be purchased for only 3 euro’s as digital download (Flac or mp3 format) from the French Entropy Records site.

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