Uwe Gronau – Midsummer

Uwe Gronau - Midsummer

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Uwe Gronau – Midsummer
CD, Private Release, 2011

Uwe Gronau is a German musician current residing in Bocholt, who created a range of progressive and New Age instrumentals for the double abum “Midsummer”. For the albums music, Mr Gronau based his ideas upon Wittgenstein’s studies on the relationship between reality and thought. What we got here is a release with 35 tunes in total.

The rhythmic, electro-acoustic and progrock side is explored on the first disc, featuring 18 tracks of ensemble performances on which the sounds of e-guitar, piano, organs, synth and drums are merged. The 17 tracks on the second cd are quiet, soft and reflective, and sees a range of solo piano tracks next to smooth compositions with synth/piano interplay creating dreamy spheres.

I can’t help the outcome on the first disc lacking emotion and depth. To me, all tracks stay superficial, uninspired and simple. The weakest element though is the sounds of the drum machine. The second disc is a tad better, but only occasionally could please me a bit.

All in all, what was meant as a core inspiration shining all the way through the music of “Midsummer” totally missed me. This is a poor, disappointing and amateurish album.

Website: www.uwe-gronau.de


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