Uwe Gronau – Visions

Uwe Gronau - Visions

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Uwe Gronau – Visions
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2012

“Visions” is a 76-minute instrumental album by German composer Uwe Gronau, taking the listener on a summertime late-night journey through the (atmos)pheres of Paris.

Uwe’s eclectic mix of dream-like music creates strong moods that range from ambient to more melodic/progressive outings. It’s hard not to be touched by the intimacy and sensitivity surfacing on contemplative pieces found at the start of the album: the soft glowing “World in your arms”, the album- opener “Night on the Roof” or the simplicity of “Children in the Park”.

His more up-tempo pieces (such as “Traffic”, “Confirming the Question” or “Summer in the City”) lack a certain depth though, or drift too much off into the mellow jazz avenue (“Through the Backyard Window”, “Words you say”, “Oasis”), while others make one vaguely remind of Johannes Schmoelling (“Under the Pont Neuf”). The drums are a weak element in Gronau’s music, besides some minor flaws, crackles and buzzes in the audio production.

All in all, the eclectic “Visions” is a kind of of a mixed bag that couldn’t really convince me as a whole.

Website: www.uwe-gronau.de


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