Van Zyl, Gulch & Rath – The Sound Museum

Van Zyl, Gulch & Rath - The Sound Museum

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Van Zyl, Gulch & Rath – The Sound Museum
CD, Groove Unlimited , 2001

The classic electronic and Berlin School-based music featured on the 74-minute “The Sound Museum” hails back to the late ‘80’s when Chuck Van Zyl, Peter D. Gulch and Andrew Rath were making music as Xisle.

As the latter they released a double cassette in 1991 containing four lengthy pieces of which three are contained on this cd along one other previously unreleased track, the live-piece “Aural Explorations”. I wasn’t grabbed by the rhythmic first half of the opening piece “Shadow Chasers” but really dig the expansive freeform textures and indepth spherical paintings following thereafter. The realm of classic TD surfaces here, which also applies to the immersive “Aural Explorations” and the 20-minute closing piece “The Domain of Arnheim”. Of the latter I absolutely love the soft sweeping yet shifting emotive current and mournful introspectiveness shimmering through the occasional darker shades.

Overall and compared to Chuck’s cosmic music releases from those days, the outcome of “The Sound Museum” sounds much more down to earth. With a bit of luck one should still be able to obtain a new copy of this release.

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