Vanderson – Another Day in Future

Vanderson - Another Day in Future

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Vanderson – Another Day in Future
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Mellowjet Records, 2013

Until now, none of the solo-releases by Polish synthesist Vanderson has been the least disappointing, which also goes for “Another Day in Future”.

Mr Wierzchowski’s evolving vintage sound design and excellent sequencer patterns make up the heart of his long form music. More to the point, it’s the overall mood and atmospheres surfacing in each outcome that makes his music loved and appreciated by so many. A track like “The Day After” e.g. lines up nicely to stuff of ‘70’s Schulze, without the solos becoming too prominent or the whole piece being that melodic. The best take though is “Sunblast”, which features some great drums and e-guitar accompanying classic Schulzian sequencing and elevating pads. The 7-minute “New Hopes” ends the albums in tasty up-tempo but also more contemporary fashion.

If you’re into Vanderson’s tasty retro music, you can purchase this release (which should have been a factory-pressed cd) without any risk.


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