Vanderson & Rudź – Remote Sessions

Vanderson & Rudź - Remote Sessions

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Vanderson & Rudź – Remote Sessions
CD, Generator.Pl, 2014

Many who love the school of classic electronic music will probably be familiar with the highly attractive and successful works of Polish synthesist Vanderson (aka Maciej Wierzchowski), which is hereby paired with the progressive (rock) and a bit more modern approach found on the releases of fellow-countryman Przemyslaw Rudź.

The outcome on “Remote Sessions” presents a beautiful and exciting chemistry of both styles, already hitting the nail on the head on the 18-minute opener “Journey to the Northern Land”. It’s a pity though this track is deregulated a bit at the end by the too expressive keys of Mr Rudź, which unfortunately also fire off on the inconsistent and chaotic second track.

Things are straightened again on “Far away from here” as Vanderson takes the lead again with some jolly and vibrant sequencing and classic pads, soon followed by some enthusiast soloing of Mr Rudź. Bubbling, slightly abstract and deep cosmic atmospherics without any sequencing make up the 11-minute “Lonely Dot”. The album receives a nice outro with “Sound of Scattered Waves” which again sees Mr Rudź adding quite a fierce solo to Vanderson’s excellent sequencers.

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