Vangelis – Antarctica OST

Vangelis - Antarctica OST

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Vangelis – Antarctica OST
LP/CD, Polydor , 1983

An impressive and emotive sonic painting of vast landscapes of snow and ice, that’s what found on the Vangelis recording “Antarctica”. The latter is the 45-minute soundtrack to the 1983 Japanese film “Antarctica” (“Nankyoku Monogatari”) by Koreyoshi Kurahara, on which the Greek composer offers symphonic and lyrical music mixed with moments of drama.

Besides a strong main theme found at the beginning (and that returns a couple of times), there are also moments of breathtaking beauty and stillness (“Antarctica Echoes” and “Song of White”) while the most drama surfaces on “Other Side of Antarctica”.
Initially, the soundtrack album on vinyl and cd was only available in Japan, but in 1988 Polydor finally made the release available for the general market.

I for one think any serious EM-fan should get a copy of the Japanese edition, as the enchanting outcome sparkles even brighter, majestic and heroic as one can almost feel the cold chill through the warm sonic waves..

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