Vangelis – Rosetta

Vangelis - Rosetta

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Vangelis – Rosetta

With “Rosetta”, dedicated to ESA’s Rosetta probe Mission, Vangelis finally offers us an album fully made with synthesizers. Since 2014, three tracks presented through ESA’s YouTube channel had been floating around, which were all in the classical yet lighter orchestral style. This full outcome extends on that style offering a 53-minute/12 track continuous ride of cosmic music.

The sonic narrative carries many elements of elegance, grace and even an occasional touch of symphonic grandeur with sequences (“Albedo 0-06”). A bit later, drama kicks in on the rather hectic “Philae’s Descent”. I for one think “Rosetta’s” celestial music could do with more depth, grandeur, compassion and impact. This is especially missed on a track such as the El Greco-ish “Sunlight” or the nice theme of “Mission Accomplie (Rosetta’s Waltz)” while the title piece (airing “Galactic Radio Station” in the distance) sounds too lightweight to my ears. For me, the energetic and rather bombastic “Perihelion” makes the longest and best piece on the release, descending nicely to calming spheres in the last minutes.

In the end, “Rosetta” (not straying far from the Alexander OST) has turned out nice but also bit tame at places and missing that sparkle to make the outcome evocative. I guess I simply expected more.

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