Various Artists – Albedo

Various Artists - Albedo

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Various Artists – Albedo
CD, Ultimae Records, 2005

“Albedo” is another beautifully packaged concept-cd of the French Ultimae-label featuring “11 ambient refractions and kaleidoscopic grooves” by the same number of bands.

he cd starts of with a quiet, meandering track by Carbon Based Lifeforms, before things move into the “Wishful Thinking”, a track by Between Interval with lots of rather annoying distorted radio signals at the beginning before moving into soft flowing waves of electronica.

Solar Fields offers the nice down-tempo “Fiat Lux” with lots of deep bass groovy elements. Ishq comes with the “Ra” featuring sophisticated down-tempo groove-samples.
The Ochi Brothers didn’t quite grab my attention with their tribal-percussion ambient, but things turn better with the contributions of Nova (also the compiler of the disc) & Aes Dana and Sync24 which move through relaxed down-tempo territory.

Hol Baumann’s track offers lots of clicks and fx’s and ain’t that down-tempo at all with its heavy sound. Gladly enough “Aes Dana” turns things into an attractive direction again with the groovy “Aftermath #8”, after which Vir Unis brings the highlight of the album: “Light Curve” is a complex mixture of sampled high-tech percussion, groove-textures and fx’s. The closure of the album is the quiet “Sunset” by Antonio Testa.

In all, another very nice release from this amazing French label.

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