Various Artists – Ambienism Volume 1

Various Artists - Ambienism Volume 1


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Various Artists – Ambienism Volume 1
CD, Spiralight, 2004

This great looking Spiralight-sampler offers a 74 minute collection of tracks by known and not-so-known ambient musicians.

The first two tracks by Zero One and Mystical Sun set a great mood, offering up-tempo music with a profound atmosphere in which deep drone bass beats and effects are mingled together. Blue Tech spreads out another fine piece of progressive ambient before Magic Sound Fabric (aka label-owner Cameron Akhunaton) works his own magic on “Cosmic Consciousness” with its great tribal-like voice-samples.

Richard Bones’ introspective piece “Stillness Repeating” continues nicely, although he’s generally known for rather strange, unpredictable music. In the middle of the album we find an atmospheric track by Alpha Wave Movement from his former album “Drifted into Deeper Lands”.

The last three tracks on the album are by Dino Pacifici, Alpha Wave Movement (the impressive, unreleased live-studio track “A Quiet Invocation”) and Cyberchump, which move into quiet flowing, spacious territory. Especially Alpha Wave Movement exhibits cosmic, expanding textures in a brilliant way.

All in all, a well-balanced sampler of stunning sound quality providing a solid overview of nowadays progressive ambient music.

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