Various Artists – Ambrosia

Various Artists - Ambrosia

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Various Artists – Ambrosia
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Ultimae Records, 2011

“Ambrosia” is a compilation album by the Lyon-based Ultimae label, selected and compiled by Fishimself (aka Haris Papadimitriou), deejay and the driving force behind IT records and Freeze Magazine.

The excellently mastered disc (courtesy Vincent Villuis) features ten captivating instrumentals by mainly Greek electronica artists from the downtempo, idm and breakbeat genre beside two French guests (Aes Dana and Asura). Well, the sonic creations of these talented Greek musicians doesn’t disappoint a second as they offer a continuous flow of dreamy, warm and smooth journeys with a great drive underneath.

I must say I’m impressed by the quality ambient/chill of the unknown composers from Greece (Max Million and Gusk, Miktek, Sygnals, Sesen, Alpha Tek, Memphidos, One Arc Degree). This especially applies to the opening piece by Max Million and Gusk plus Sygnals’ engaging almost ten minute “Homo Imperceptibilis”. Beside that, both Aes Dana and Asura deliver music in Ultimae quality standards as well.

The 75-minute “Ambrosia” offers just a glimpse of the bulk of still unknown quality electronica around elsewhere. I’m glad Ultimae had to the guts to give these Greeks this opportunity and platform. So thanks Fishimself , Vincent and Sandrine for all efforts.

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