Various Artists – Analogy 2

Various Artists - Analogy 2


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Various Artists – Analogy 2
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2006

In 2005 under the title “Analogy, Volume 1”, a compilation cd came out with unreleased material from a lot of interesting electronic musicians. The assignment was to create a piece only using analog equipment. This was a success, hence now a second cd is released (well, the title “Volume 1” already indicated this of course…). And again, this album is the host for a diversity of wonderful tracks.

Collaborating artists are, amongst others, Ron Boots, Kees Aerts (who for the first time in years makes a -very nice- solo piece “Branch Hopping”), Stephen Parsick, Remy, Gert Emmens and Ruud Heij, EM2 (=Emmens and Embrase), Craig Padilla, Create, Remotion, and others. The cd begins with the most exiting piece: “Mellowtrothoughts” from Roque Element. It is an improvisation (on a Saturday morning) on two Mellotrons, who give this track an atmosphere like Tangerine Dream’s “Mysterious Semblance At The Stand Of Nightmares” (from “Phaedra”). But also “Velvet Sky” of Emmens/Heij (not surprisingly with strong sequences), “Reaching Out” of Create, “Expectations” of Remy (for the biggest part played on the MemoryMoog) and “Sneak Preview” of Ron Boots are fine pieces. Highlights on the cd are -next to Rogue Element- the moody “Electromagnetic” of Stephen Parsick and “Sonar Vision” of Remotion. Hopefully they will make a new album soon.

“Analogy” is a very strong initiative. More may follow because there are plenty of fine musicians making plenty of fine music out there.

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