Various Artists – Bhogavati

Various Artists - Bhogavati  


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Various Artists – Bhogavati
CD/Digital Download, Gterma, 2022

This beautifully rendered concept release – marked as an ambient nocturnal abyssal tapestry – is built up in-house to tell a story from the label’s own mythos and features specially commissioned art that the label owner has been sitting on for a while (a theme he hopes to expand upon in the future)

The 72-minute album features label veterans, Silentwave, Havdis (who sadly passed away recently) as well as Indo who takes us on a mesmerizing journey of discovery, navigating us gently floating through the mysterious remnants of the Naga Kingdoms that are hidden deep away in the depths of the world’s oceans. The strings of freeform textures are profound and layered, making up a long line of slow waving, occasionally droney-ish soundscapes balancing between the elevating, peaceful and ominous. It’s headphone music pur sang, of which Havdis’ 22-minute “An Atlantic Connection” is my personal fav.




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