Various Artists – Digiseeds

Various Artists - Digiseeds

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Various Artists – Digiseeds
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Ultimae Records, 2015

“Digiseeds” is the first in a series of conceptual compilations compiled by Czech artist Lubos Cvrk aka Ambientium. The outcome is a 66-minute dreamscape and playground which sees 11 composers (established and new) from all around the world displaying their ambient craft.

Helped by the excellent mastering of Vincent Villuis, Ambientium weaves a continuous aural tapestry of deep spheres with lots of environmental sounds touching both the dark and light while journeying though surreal yet fantastic worlds beyond. As the label describes appropriately, the result finds minimal acoustic patterns melting into intense pads along ethereal dub lines blending with glitch. The more active segments with a dash of downtempo found in the mid and end section are delivered by Ocoeur, Martin Nonstatic and Lars Leonard.

Overlooking “Digiseeds”, the constant smooth motion found within the gentle electronic, wavering textures and occasional neo-classical aesthetics is quite spell bounding and hypnotizing.

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