Various Artists – Distant Friends

Various Artists - Distant Friends

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Various Artists – Distant Friends
CD-R, Ambient Circle Music, 2004

A while ago, Brannan Lane started the new label Ambient Circle Music. Its first release, “Distant Friends”, is a compilation of collaborations between Brannan and six of his kindred musical friends: Vidna Obmana, Zero Ohms, Amir Baghiri, Robert Carty, Biff Johnson and Silvercord.

Overall, the music is floating, formless, textural soundscapes which ranges from pleasant lingerings (like those with Vidna and Carty) to more darker, denser territories (Amir Baghiri, Silvercord).
The closing track, with Silvercord, is very minimalistic, and is becomes quite annoying given that its clocks in at 17:12.

I think it is unfortunate this album is a cd-r and not a proper cd. Apparently, this label focuses on short runs like many other labels.

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