Various Artists – Dreams of My Space Vol. 1

Various Artists - Dreams of My Space Vol. 1

Release data:

Various Artists – Dreams of My Space Vol. 1
CD, Spheric Music, 2008

This compilation is an initiative of Robert Schroeder to promote some artists from MySpace, with the aim to attract the attention from record labels.

The 67-minute album contains 13 tracks with accessible music, but I doubt the statement that these are “very talented artists”, certainly when one hears the uninspired soundings of the opening track “The Last Chance” by Kristalium with its bland introductory words.

In my opinion, quality here only applies to the beautiful cosmic space music of Alpha Lyra or the track by the French duo NightBirds, who present an improvised free form vintage piece which should have lasted much longer.

The other pieces stay too uninspired and superficial, digging the pool of mediocre down tempo (Mac Mavis), presenting poor Kraftwerkian noodlings (McCartnoTron), or drowning in easy listening (Guido Negraszus, MC-Honert)

Although I admire initiatives like this, the sonic content just isn’t good enough to justify a proper cd release, nor does it musically score above average (besides the poor English sleeve-notes in the booklet).

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