Various Artists – Electronic Music For Life

Various Artists - Electronic Music For Life

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Various Artists – Electronic Music For Life
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Mellowjet Records, 2011

Due to the devastating earthquake, followed by a tsumani and a nuclear disaster that hit Japan in March 2011, the seed was planted to produce a special compilation cd of which all benefits are donated to the German Red Cross for help to all the victims.

The outcome is the double cd “Electronic Music for Life”, offering 150 minutes of fresh, tasty and contemporary music (which -with a few exceptions- is unreleased until now), delivered by 27 different musicians in total. The latter are in alphabetic order: Alpha Lyra, Back to the Moon, Matthias Beine, Rolf Meier Bode , Dithmar, Stefan Erbe, Eroc, Faber, Future_Former, Glenn Main, Harald Grosskopf, Bernd Kistenmacher, Klangwelt, MaEasy, Maxxess, Moonbooter, Mythos, Harald Nies feat. Akita, Remy, Uwe Reckzeh, Robert Schroeder, Rene Splinter, Spyra & Roksana, Visible Breath, Wellenfeld, Erez Yaary and You.

Overlooking the whole selection of varied electronic music, there’s some really nice and moody stuff to be found here, ranging from piano pieces (Mathias Beine), ethno-fusion (Erez Yaary) and quiet stuff (Spyra) to chill-out (Robert Schroeder, Dithmar, Faber), Berliner School excursions (Uwe Reckzeh, Alpha Lyra), orchestral/atmospheric (Remy), techno (Harald Grosskopf, Rolf Maier Bode) or contemporary instrumental/Jarre-inspired stuff (Wellenfeld, Klangwelt).

It all makes “Electronic Music for Life” a versatile, strong and recommended release deserving a huge support from all of us.

The album is available both as double cd and mp3 download for a very attractive sales price. Further details and a promotional clip can be found on

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