Various Artists – Euphony 1

Various Artists - Euphony 1

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Various Artists – Euphony 1
CD, WWUH 91.3 FM, 2008

“Euphony 1” is an electronic ambient release compiled by Susan Mullis of the US-based radio station WWUH, a public radio station broadcasting alternative programming from the University of Hartford .

The cd contains 14 previously unreleased tracks, offering quite a range of various ambient styles. Next to a gentle track by Nattefrost we find the harmonic space music of Alpha Wave Movement’s “Star Particles” and the guitar-oriented output of Slow Dancing Society and Monocle along the mesmerizing textural musings of Richard Bone, Dwight Ashley, Mark DeLorenzo and Serge Devadder.

Kevin Keller plays ambient with strings while Sankt Otten offers rhythmic instrumental music with soaring lapsteel guitar. Dino Pacifici puts a nice atmospheric ending to the release with the smooth musings of “Waterdome”.
Only the tracks by Soundician and Nattefrost have been released on their own albums respectively later on. To find out more about the radio station, simply go to

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