Various Artists – Euphony 2

Various Artists - Euphony 2

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Various Artists – Euphony 2
CD, WWUH, 2009

“Euphony 2” is the second ambient collection published by the US public alternative radiostation WWUH, that this time turned out to be a double-cd.

Like the previous sampler, it contains lots of unreleased goodies by established performers such as Steve Roach, Ron Boots, Forrest Fang, Dino Pacifici, and Alpha Wave Movement along lesser known but still talented composers in the genre. And maybe the best thing of compilations like these is it gives a voice to the large range of ambient styles found around, although they all share the fact these are mostly instrumental.

The outcome of 22 tracks also demands the listener should have an open and interested attitude, as some of the deep music takes a rather adventurous, abstract or slightly experimental approach. This applies the most to the first disc (“Swirl”), where for example the ambient contribution of Ron Boots (“Lingering Twilight”) is not so recognizable nor that easy at hand. The easier stuff here is brought to you by Alpha Wave Movement and Carbonheads.

The second (more contemplative-oriented) cd “Drift” though is my personal favorite, starting out with a great soundtrack-like piece by Michael Whalen followed by Soundician’s lush “Adrift”. Halfway, it’s Forest Fang who makes things float and elevate with his wonderful contribution “Cicades”, followed by the freeform, gentle textures of Dino Pacifici’s smooth lingering “It”. The tough and experimental tracks here come from Serge Devadder, Ariel Kalma, Dwight Ashley, As Lonely As Dave Bowman and Code Tripper.

All in all, while the kaleidoscope of peculiar and harder to access ambient music gently unfolds in the first half, “Euphony 2” offers something interesting for everyone as long as one takes the time to discover its netherworlds.

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