Various Artists – Evening Sky

Various Artists - Evening Sky


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Various Artists – Evening Sky
CD-R, Oasis Productions, 2003

This is the first cd-r of Oasis’ Music Theme from Canada, a music-database that is supposed to grow over the years and in which a lot of no longer available music is filed and can be bought by request.

Music for Stargazing is he subtitle of “Evening Sky”, an album containing one hour of beautiful, slightly melodic space music. There are remastered tracks of Danna and Clément of their sold-out album “Summerland”, but also a track of their album “A Gradual Awakening”, now available on cd for the first time.

Included are also two tracks of Stephen Bacchus (aka Grant Mackay), one track of Obmana/Pearce and one by the duo Stairway. What really makes this cd special are 4 outstanding, previously unreleased, planetarium tracks by Tihm Clément.
All in all, a must-have for fans of cosmic music.

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