Various Artists – Oxycanta III

Various Artists - Oxycanta III

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Various Artists – Oxycanta III
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Ultimae Records, 2013

After two years of hard work, label manager and dj Mahiane (aka Sandrine Gryson) finally compiled a third volume in the fine, but still rather unknown “Oxycanta”-series (named after Crataegus Oxyacantha, a species of Northern European Hawthorn dear to old time herbalists), this time containing 76 minutes of new contemporary electronic music.

The narrative outcome is a collage of highly atmospheric, dreamy and contemplative ambient music with a strong emotive undercurrent, merging unknown talent (Miktek, Mer-A, Lars Leonard, Muridae and Fingers in the Noise) with more familiar names such as Aes Dana, Circular and 36. The quiet and subtle spherics passing by present a most pleasant equilibrium (in the framework of a continuous, warm sonic cocoon) for the hectic and demanding times the modern human is confronted with nowadays.
“Mer-A” is a new talent to keep in mind, while tranquil dub-techno excursions fly by from e.g. Fingers in the Noise, Aes Dana and I Awake. Towards the end, both Scann-Tec and Circular set things briefly in unhurried, smooth motion.

Mahiane did another wonderful job on “Oxycanta III”, an album that remains fascinating spin after spin due to its diverse but kindred layers, subtleties and approaches.

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