Various Artists – Oxycanta – Winter Blooms

Various Artists - Oxycanta - Winter Blooms

Release data:

Various Artists – Oxycanta – Winter Blooms
CD, Ultimae Records, 2007

“Winter Blooms” is the second compilation under the Oxycanta-monniker, compiled by labelmanager, musician and dj Mahiane.

It features over an hour of new, modern electronics by the musicians Hybrid Leisureland, Solar Fields, Amos, Antonio Testa & Maurizio Piazza, Malik Trey, Aes Dana, Sgnl_Fltr, Subgardens, bOb tracKer, James Murray and Mahiane.

The outcome is an atmospheric recording with fresh, moody sounds which starts out quietly, creating a relaxed, laidback sonic environment.
The track by Malik Trey gets things slowly into motion with its delicate down tempo approach, a style which is nicely continued in the following tracks.

The track by Sgnl_fltr (aka Danny Kreutzfeldt) is the only track which is a bit different as it combines experimental elements with down-tempo electronics.

All in all, “Winter Blooms” is another well done compilation by the French Ultimae-label.

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