Various Artists – Soundscape Gallery 2

Various Artists - Soundscape Gallery 2

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Various Artists – Soundscape Gallery 2
CD, Lektronik Soundscapes, 1998

This is the second instalment of the small American Lektronik label, which nicely follows in the footsteps of its predecessor.
The outcome is a well-balanced collection of ambient/space music by Michael Stearns, Alpha Wave Movement, Jeff Pearce, Meg Bowles, Michel Huygen, the trio Gleisberg/Grassow/Baghiri, Caul, Hans Christian en Bon Lozaga.

The collection of original or remixed compositions is very nicely kicked-off with Alpha Wave Movements’ spacious “Across the Abyss of Time“, featuring great space-textures and heavy bass tones. The soft gliding atmosphere continues on the “The Clearing Fog” and the mesmerizing deep cosmic textures of Stearns’ “Hantu”.
The contributed pieces of Hans Christian en Bon Lozaga sound otherworldly and a bit harsher, demanding a more adventurous ear.

Even Michel Huygen delivers a quality ambient piece with the almost 12-minute “Megaluz”, after which Meg Bowles takes over by opening another door leading into endless space.
The haunting soundings of “Vipassana” by Matthias Grassow and friends brings things to a nice closure.

All in all, this well produced sampler is a tasty recommendation to every fan of mysterious and haunting ambient/space music.

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