Various Artists – Spheric Music: Silver

Various Artists - Spheric Music: Silver

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Various Artists – Spheric Music: Silver
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spheric Music, 2016

With the compilation album “Silver”, Lambert Ringlage’s label Spheric Music celebrates its 25th anniversary offering ten exclusive tracks by established and forthcoming artists on the label.

The opening track by Frenchman Joel Fajerman (who seems to have a release forthcoming on Spheric) is a very nice vintage piece from the musician’s archive, followed by a typical contemporary piece by the label’s leading artist Robert Schroeder. I’m glad a (groovy) piece of Klangwelt also is included, as any new music of this talented German is missed dearly since too many years. Axess makes a very catchy impression with the percussion and Berlin School sequencer-based “Edison’s Legacy”, while also Vanderson’s uncomplicated “Ambient Garden” makes a fine and much better impression compared to the outcome of “Vandisphere”.

Christian Schimmöller’s new project Mesmerised and his cinematic track made me curious what’s more to come, while Bertrand Loreau’s hypnotizing piece connects French-flavored Berlin School with psychedelic realms. Klaus Schulze makes a special appearance with “The Breeze”, taken from the out-of-print release “CW1”. Lambert himself rounds out the album with the joyous, general-melodic title piece in an uncomplicated, up-tempo fashion, which sounds similar to classic-melodic Mark Shreeve.
Overall, “Silver” makes a fine record for any Em-fan, not just collectors.

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