Various Artists – Waterhaven

Various Artists - Waterhaven

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Various Artists – Waterhaven
CD, Earthaven, 2001

The Canadian concept-album “Waterhaven” is a kind of celebration of the water element. Relaxing ocean sounds and seascape environmentals meet with quiet electronic compositions on five tracks.

Two tracks are by the duo Danna/Clément, the other three by Stephen Bacchus (aka Grant Mackay).
The wonderful 24-minute suite “To the Land beneath the Sea” by Danna/Clément has been previously released, but I’m not sure if any of of the other music was unreleased as well.
The music of Stephen Bacchus features keyboards and soft soaring shakuhachi, while Danna & Clément sculpture nature-inspired electronic soundscapes.

All in all, it’s well produced and above average background music.

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