Vataff Project – Maeoma

Vataff Project - Maeoma

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Vataff Project – Maeoma
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Virtual Worlds Records, 2012

“Maeoma” is the fourth album by Vataff Project, aka Bulgarian musician Victor Marinov, an emotionally-charged project aiming for profound feelings of ecstasy, dance and ritual from the ancient times, the present and the future. To achieve this, Vataff Project offers a unique but also quirky sounding outcome blending traditional sounds and timbres from Bulgarian instruments with analogue electronica sounds and (down-tempo) beats while airing an overall esoteric, spiritual feel. Moreover, this perfectly flowing high-quality “electronic folklore” evokes the sense of mystery situated around the Rodopa mountain range -where recordings took place- complemented by vocals/choirs with analogue synthesis on a few spots. Here, the psychedelic and the exotic run underneath all this intensity. A peculiar record I reckon.




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