VelgeNaturlig – Húmus

VelgeNaturlig - Húmus

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VelgeNaturlig – Húmus
CD, Gterma, 2013

VelgeNaturlig is a Portuguese field/audio/soundscape project by Ivo Santos, who initially privately released “Húmus” on cd-r in 2004/2005. Ambient treasure seeker Mr Rehn hereby re-issues the fully remastered album on factory-pressed cd, adding another impressive but also rather obscure textural drone release to his ongoing range of high-standard Gterma releases.

From the start, the 79-minutes of intense music feels very organic, transparent and magical, merging dramatic soundworlds and visceral textures to a captivating, hypnotizing listening experience presented in one go. On the fifth and sixth track, the strange and most mysterious ride further deepens, opening up a malevolent aural world that’s impressive and evocative in all its veins.

Despite a small amount of distortion noticeable on several spots (such as “Chandra” and “Greenstone”), the complex and slightly foreboding “Húmus” is headphone music for late-at-night hours.



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