VelgeNaturlig – Kundalini

VelgeNaturlig - Kundalini

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VelgeNaturlig – Kundalini
CD, Winter-Light, 2018

On previous releases, soundscapist VelgeNaturlig (aka Ivo Santos) already took his listeners on a mesmerizing trip to far off places and worlds beyond. The brooding, intense and deep ambience featured on the 75-minute/12-track “Kundalini” is no exception, from the start ascending into a netherworld of darkness with assorted field recordings along vast organic drone tapestries that are molded and tweaked continuously. A peculiar constellation of some pretty dense and immersive soundscapes is at work here. The morphing stream of thought and experience of “Kundalini’s” world fantastic is actually quite hallucinogenic, ceremonial, mournful and lonely at places (even covering some experimental/industrial terrain on “Matariki”).

Similar to Mr Santos’ predecessors, a focused listen to these vast aural landscapes with a pair of quality headphones proves rewarding.


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