VelgeNaturlig – Opalescent Pust

Velgenaturlig - Opalescent Pust

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VelgeNaturlig – Opalescent Pust
CD, Winter-Light, 2017

Aficionados of haunting and profound organic ambient will find a lot to like on the longform “Opalescent Pust” by Portuguese soundscape artist VelgeNaturlig.

It’s a liquid constellation of dark, slow morphing inner dronescapes triggering the imagination from start to fish. The continuous ride makes a fascinating descent into cool, constantly transforming watery environs being impressive, stark and foreboding. An industrial touch starts to show and grow gradually on the last tracks before things open up and dissolve finally on the closing track “Exhale”. A stunning audio and mastering quality puts the icing on the cake, making the dense textural layers and eye for detail stand out.

Rest me to say this 70-minute spacious adventure (establishing an extra grip on the listener when heard through quality headphones) is recommended for deep immersion.



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