Venja – Unfolded

Venja - Unfolded  


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Venja – Unfolded
CD/Digital Download, Art for Ears, 2021

One of the things I appreciate most about Johan Geens´ music is the range of intrinsic emotions he´s able to convey through his works. At first glance, he doesn`t do anything less on this album, but overall it turned out more superficial than I anticipated. The opener “A Starry Expanse” kicks things off, spreading a pleasant feeling of lightness and ease as it evolves slowly along its 11-minute duration. The emotive drive and sense of longing deepen further on the conceptual “Evolve” (and the affiliated piece “Unfolded Truth” found later on), while the brief, lush-sounding “Clear Sky” takes us into the peaceful wide open.

I though can’t say I’m that fond of the rather new age like “Daikanyama part 3” (the previous parts are on “Galactic Underground Volume 2”) with its manipulated voices, this contrary to the gentle, heartfelt soundings making up “Unfolded Truth” here rays of loneliness and despair shine through. The slow-progressing “Saturn’s Rings” rounds out the release in spacy, elevating fashion, but could have done with a bit more body and expression when I’m concerned.

Overall verdict: between 3 and 3.5 stars.


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