Harmonics of Frequency Modulation – Vibe’s

Harmonics of Frequency Modulation - Vibe's

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Harmonics of Frequency Modulation – Vibe’s
CD, Katharsis, 1997

The musician behind Harmonics of Frequency Modulation is the Island-based musician Marteinn Bjarnar Thordarson. He writes the music of “Vibe’s”, which is dedicated to the human spirit, should not necessarily been seen or heard, but felt. In addition, its Marteinn’s belief sound harmonics are a wonderful metaphor for understanding humanity and the universe.

This description and the extensive use of drone textures makes the organic music connects to the output of Mathias Grassow, Oophoi and even David Parsons. The slowly drifting, overall minimal soundscape music of “Vibe’s” also features the sound of percussion and singing bowls, altogether creating a 57-minute hypnotizing, mesmerizing and meditative atmosphere.
All in all, “Vibe’s” offers ambient music meant for closer, deeper listening.

Website: www.myspace.com/hofm


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