Vidna Obmana & Alio Die – Echo Passage

Vidna Obmana & Alio Die - Echo Passage


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Vidna Obmana & Alio Die – Echo Passage
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Musica Maxima Magnetica, 1999

Three continuous movements (“Echoes of Light – A slip of darkness – The Passage”), are featured on “Echo Passage”, leading its listeners into minimal, imaginary, deep and introspective sound worlds. The rich, spiritual and immersive ambient journey travels through various layers in a most subtle manner, blending the heavens and the earth through lots of lengthy loops, dronescapes, hypnotizing textures along some ethnic and ritual elements for 68 minutes.

I’m especially fond of the assorted environmental sounds and occasional bird chirps enhancing the aural spectrum (reminding a bit of the impact of Michael Stearns “Morning Jewel”), which swirls and swells as it evolves. It all ends up in a darker, melancholic and remote ambient realm on the final passage.

“Echo Passage” is a recommendation for those appreciating amorphous, mysterious, emotive and cyclic atmospheres traveling into alternate, fantastic realities. Don’t forget your headphones when you decide to take the dip. Projekt Records has reissued this great recording.

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